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Wen ur alone,remmbr me im waitng 4u.Wen u cant smile,trust me i can make u laugh. But wen ur in a crowd of frnds,remmbr im alone

Frnds r like page in buk of life, Evry page wit diffrnt subject, Bt best frnds r d index pagd coverng evry subject..thnx 4 being index page of my life..

Good friends r like pair of scissor. Joint 3gether, often go in opposite direction. But they give punishment 2 those who come between them.,,,

how long shall we be frendz? do u want a clue?> as long as stars twinkle in the sky, as long as angels r there up high, till the water runs dry n till the day i die.... we will be frendz

Friendship between us iz tha same relation between a soul and its body. And here im ur soul. Wherever u go i wil b with u; whenever u get hurt i wil feel tha same; whatever u do i wil help u in it. Hence, by our parturition we ar together; and 'INSHA ALLAH' we wil b together by our demise.


A friend is like a \"ring\",always close to your hand but as you get \"careless\" it slips out of your dont even let your true friend slip out of your life

a friend is who forgives b4 u say sorry,

understands u wen u say i forget,

waits forever wen u say 1 min,

stays wit u wen u say leave me ALONE... when you are counting all ur friends....

-the oldest

-the best &

-the new I would like tostabd by your side & whisper two little words.....


Ques : hw much space in ur hrt 4 me ? Choices :

100 % (write a song & send me)


75 %(send sms)

50 %(1 mis call)

0% (no answer) A FRIEND IS:





True friends will see you through, beleived in things you wanna do, feel happy when your dreams cme true, and best of all, they don't judge you. They just love you as you :-)

who is FRIEND

F Franks in mind

R Real in feelings

I Immense in care

E Endless in affection

N Non stop Fun

D Deepbellieve in Hear

friends r like delicate flower Friends r like delicate flower... they dry not die.. however i m Cactus i will be always poking u so that u will remember me....

LIFE becomes LIE if letter 'F' is missed 'F' denotes friend so LIFE is a LIE without FRIEND its happy to say that my LIFE is not LIE till i have FRIEND like u...

Breaker Eyes are good friends, See together, weep together, Close together, But when a beautiful girl comes, 1 eye starts blinking!! Moral: A girl break Good FRIENDSHIP!!

Medicines & Friendship cure our problems, only difference is that friendships don't have an expiry date...

Bridge of friendship Y----------------Y

This is a bridge of friendship, when u r sad & lonely, cross it.

I'll wait on the other side. If u r afraid just tell me, I'll cross it for YOU!

open your door when u r alone ...... open your heart when you feel sad .... but dont open your hand when u need a friend because i m already holding ur hand


hu do u think is important u or me it is u coz ur the body n im the shadow u lead i follow ill do anythin jus to be ur m8

Open ur door when u r alone, open ur heart when u feel sad, but don't open ur hand when u need a friend, coz I'm already holding ur hand forever.

you are bread when i am hungry you are my shelter from troubled winds you are my anchor in life's ocean and most of all you are my best friend

If A is 1 B is 2 C is 3 Z is 26 then L+O+V+E=54 And F+R+I+E+N+D+S+H+I+P=108. Interesting hai naa... Friendship is 2 stronger than Love...

every nice frind is a gift of god.. its one of lifes best blessings, a priceless gift that can never be bought,sold,or forgotten..

A coin is easy to earn, a friend is hard to find. The coin depreciates but a friend appreciates. I lost a coin when I smsed u, but it's okay because I got u.

Friends, you and me... You brought another friend... And then there were 3... We started our group... Our circle of friends... And like that circle... There is no beginning or end...

Show your friends how much you care... Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND. If it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends

Friends r like stars. u can't always see them, But u know they are always there 4 you...

Never abandon old friends. They r hard 2 replace. Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us... i get BETTER, u get OLDER.

Not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship makes marriages unhappy

Ice is a cream, love is a dream, but our friendship is evergreen. Dont make friend before understanding and Dont break friendship after understanding.

Today's TRICK

How to use Pen drive as RAM
How can it be activated ?In order to activate the ReadyBoost technology on your FlashDrive or Memory Cards, you have to follow these steps…
1. Open My Computer.
2. Right Click on the Removable Disk Drive and select Properties.
3. Click on ReadyBoost Tab.
4. Enable the feature by selecting the option and allocate the amount of space you want to use as memory.Things to be noted….
1. Regardless of the fact that you use Readyboost or not, you need at least 512 Mb of memory to run Windows Vista decently.
2. If your device is not giving the option of ReadyBoost then it means that it doesn’t clear up the minimum data trasfer rate required by ReadBoost technology.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Funny SMS

Boy friend is fun,&Husband is gun,
Boy friend is light of moon,&Husband is month of june,
Boy friend is tooty fruity,&Husband is qismat phooti.

Lovers sitting in a park,boy tries to kiss the girl..Girl says No dear not all this before marriage..Boy: Don’t worry darling “I am already married”.:p

Judge:why did u shoot ur wifeinstead of shootingher lover?
Sardar:Your honour,it’s easier to shoot a woman once,than shooting one man every week.

1st ever intelligent sardar.
Teacher: what do u call a personwho cannot hear anything?
sardar: u can call him anything,because he cannot hear anything:-)

Teacher. Bachon wada kro cigrett shrab nahi pioge.bachey:nahi pienge.Teacher:larkio ka pecha nahi karogebachey:nahi karngeTeacher:un pr awazen nahi kaso ge.bachey: nahi kasenge.Teacher: apni zindagi watan pr qurban karoge.bachey: karenge,asi zindgi ka karna bhi kia he.

1 memon subha so ko utha todekha ke uski biwi mar gaye hay.
Wo foran kitchen me gaya orapni beti ko galay laga kar rony laga orbola,“1 banday ka nashta kam banana”

What is BUSINESS ?
Dad: I want u 2 marry a girl of my choice.Son: NoDad: The girl is Bill Gate’s daughter.Son: then Ok.
Dad goes o Bill Gates.Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.Bill Gates: NoDad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank.Bill Gates: Than ok
Dad goes 2 the President of the World Bank.Dad:Appoint my son as the CEO of your bank.President:NoDad:He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.President: Then OK
That’s business…!!

Baap:Itne kum marks..??2 thappar lagne chahiyen.!!
Beta: Han papa!mein nay to us kameenay mastarka ghar bhi dekh liya hay…!!

Boy 2 God:Give me a pocket full of money,A job & a big vehicle full of girls.
God replied:your wish is fullfilled&He became a bus conductor of karachi university point.:p

Man1 sitting with dog.Man2:Your dog bits?Man1:NoMan 2 sits and the dog bits!Man2 angrily, you said he does not bit!Man:That is not my dog.

A sardarji goes to a chinese restaurantand puts his fingeron the last of menu: Bring this.
Waiter: Oh! you can’t get itbecause he is the owner of restaurant.

Human brain is the mostoutstanding object in world.It functions 24 hours a day,365 days a year.It functions right from the time we are born,and stop only when we enter the examination hall.

Boy and girl of class 2 asked teacher:“can kids of our age have kids?”
Teacher replied ” NO Never!!”
Boy said to girl :“see i told you not to worry!!!!”.

A boy goes to see a dance.
His mom angrily asks him:Did u see anything there thatu were not supposed to see?
Boy: yes, I saw dad!

A lawyer saw an auto accident on street.He rushed over and started handing outbusiness cards saying:I saw the whole thing..I will take either side.

A sardarji’s boy asked his dad:What is a grownup joke?Sardar ji replied:any joke which is eighteen years old

The devils challengedthe angels to a game of cricket.
We have got all the cricketers, said the Angels.Devils:No problem,we have got all the umpires.

Boss:I will give you Rs.25 an hour starting todayand in 3 months, I will raise it to Rs.50 an hour.When do you want to start?New employee:In 3 months.

Kion har bar mosam ki tarah badal jate ho,Har bar hamara dil dukhatay ho,
Yeh bat sun ker hamari roh tak kanp gaye,Ae dost tum masjidon se chapal or lote churate ho

Meri zindagi per faqat itna ehsan ker do,Ik benam si mohabbat mere naam kerdo,Ik subha ko milo aur shaam kerdo,Aur sham tak mere ghar ka sara kam kerdo,

Admi:Mujhe sardar bana doDoc: uske liye tumhara 50% dimagh nikalna paregaAdmi: OKDoctor ne ghalti se 90% nikal dia.Admi hosh mein aa k bola: Khocha ye tumne kia kar dia.

1 pathan aero plane me pilotsay headphone cheen leta hai.
Pilot says! yeh kia ker rahe ho?Pathan says:Ticket ka paisa hum bhareaur gana tum akela suney:p

Teacher: Johny,if your father earned $100,000and gave half of it to your mother,what would she have?
Little johny: A heart a attack!

How woman calls their husband in first 6 yearsYr
2.O G.Yr
3.Sunte ho?Yr 1.O bunty k pappa
Yr 1.Kahan mar gaye?
Yr 1.Tum aate ho k main aaon?

Sardar to doctor:When I sleep, monkeysplay football in my dreams.
Dr:No problem,just take this medicine b4 sleep.
Sardar: Kal se khaonga aaj final hai.

Wife:Jaanu kash aap SMS hotay,Main aap ko save karti,
Husband:Jaan-e-man, kaash tum ring tone hoti,Main her haftay tumhe change karta

Before marriage:Roses are red, sky is blue,O my darling! I love you…
After Marriage:Roses are dead,I have flu,don’t come near me,Paray hatt tuu,

Agar manzil ko pana haito hosla sath rakhna,
Agar pyar ko pana hayto aetbar sath rakhna,
Agar hamesha muskurana hayto DAANT saaf rakhna

Sardar:Begum aaj chickenbohut maze ki bani hai kiakoi khaas masala lagaya hai ?
Sardarni:Nahi bus zara murghi jal gaithi wo main ne BURNOL laga di thi.

Sardar english k paper main fail ho gaya,He did translation:
1.Main aam admi nahi honI’m not a mango man
2.Sarda or garma fruit hain.Colda & hota r fruits
3.Mujhey bhi english ati hayEnglish comes 2 me also ro do chaar.give and give four.
5.Mera taluk hari pur hazara se hayI belong 2 green pur thousanda:)

Lab pe ati hai Dua ban k tamanna meri,Dil karta he band krwa doon sim tere,
Dor duniya ka tere DAM se ujala hojaye,Jo mjhe sms na kare Uska range kala HOjaye….

A Smile costs less than Electricity.But…..Gives more light !!So Always Keep Smiling….. &Prove that u’re the Best TubeLight !!

Qualities a friend must have:
Cute as crocodile.
Smart as donkey.
Active as turtle.
Fit as hippo.
Matured as monkey.
Sincerity like dog.
No doubt you are my good friend

Jab se begum ne mujhe murgha bana rakha hai,Main ne nazron ki tarhan sir bhi jhuka rakha hai,
Bartano aaj mere sir pe baraste kion ho ?Mein ne dho dha k tumhain kitna saja rakha hai,
Roz leti he talashi wo police ki manind,Pochti he kahan paison ko chupa rakha hai,
Wahi duniya main muqaddar ka sikandar tehra,Jis ne khud ko yahan shadi se bacha rakha hai,
Pi ja is maar ki talkhi ko bhi has k shohar,Mar khane mein bhi qudrat ne maza rakha hai..

Decent (English) SMS

Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U,but to help U realise ur hidden potential and Power,Let Difficulties know that U too are DIFFICULT((ALWAYZ THINK +IVE))

u must be a gr8 runner bcoz u run in my mind always.u must be a gr8 theif coz u have stolen my heart.and i must be a bad shooter coz i miss u always.............

Take My Eyes but let me c u. Take my mind but let me think about u.Take my hand but let me touch u. But if u want to take my heart, its already with U

I asked God to make u happy, make u smile, guide u safely thru every mile;Grant u wealth, give u health & most of all give u love & care

When we sigh about our problem, they grow D_O_U_B_L_E, but when we laugh about them they become o o o o o o bubbles! Have a bubbly life!

Relationship is like a Garden. It's beautiful when watered, hugs, tears & cheers.But it dries up if left pls keep in touch...

dictionary iz da only place where death coms before life,success coms before work,divorse coms before marraige and also frndship coms before luv..

Heart can Skip beat for a while... Memories can be kept in d file... A desert can be replaced by Nile. But nothing can stop a smile,when ur name comes on my MOBILE.

I WISH 4 U...Great start 4 Monday...No obstacles 4 Tuesday...No stress 4 Wednesday...No worry 4 Thursday...Smile 4 Friday...Party 4 Saturday & great fun 4 Sunday...Have a nice weekend

Every moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before and which u'll never see again. So enjoy n live life & make each moment beautiful.

Days are too BUSY.. Hours are too FEW.. Seconds are too FAST.. but there is Always a time for me to ask.. How R U? n Hope Ur FINE.. MISS U!

This is the telephone terrorist team. While receiving this message a virus will be activated. This virus should have infected your mobile by now. Your mobile will be disabled, unless you are ugly

-there is a long ,long trail a winding-into the lands of my dreams-where the nightmare is singing -and white moon beams-a long night of waiting untill my dreams all come true........

Never cry for those who donot deserve ur tears but who deserve your tears never let you cry

In life when you get troubles, don't get nervous... Just close your eyes and follow ur heart... b'coz heart may be in left.... but it is always right



Aap kee yaad Aapkee yaad ki khushboo se mahaktaa hai dilAapke pyaar ke dam se hee bahaltaa hai dil.......................

DhoonDhte the kabhee jeene kaa bahaanaa ham toZindagee aaj milee hai to machaltaa hai dilThee bahaaron kee tamannaa mere armaanon koAap aaye jo khayaalon men to gaataa hai dilGham milaa hai to vo khushiyaan bhee kaheen door naheenDee jo takdeer ne dastak to uchhaltaa hai dil

Koyee saakee nahee koyee jaam yaa botal bhee naheenAapko khwaab men dekhaa to bahaktaa hai dil

Hum Ko gali Mein Dekh Kar Khud Ko chupa Liye..Jany Ye dushmno Ne Usy Kia sikha Dia..Ghar Us Ne Kya Banaya Masjid ke samany..Chahat ne Us Ki Hum Ko Namazi Bana Dia

Ek sitem hai jo piyar se mansoob kiya jata hai…Iss rah ke musafir ko maghloob kiya jata hai …Do chaar he dunya mei hum jese rahay hon ge …Huq rah pe jinhein naist-o nabood kiya jata hai …Rehta tha kabhi dil mei Muslim ke Kuda her dam…Dunya ko mager deen per mehboob kiya jata hai …Aalamgeer hai Islam or Allah - O Akber …America ko mager super manzoor kiya jata hai…Wehshat ho bari jiski to maano use dehshatgerd. ..Muslim ko is ohhde pe kiun mamoor kiya jata hai …Aalam pe huwa kerti thi Islam ki dehshat …Ulta mager ab saraa dastoor kiya jata hai …

Pathar ke aage sar na jhukana ke woh Devta ho jaye Kisi se itni Mohabbat na karna ke woh bewafa ho jaye

Yaad aate hain college ke woh din, Kitab ke pannon mein mudi mohabbatein; Masoom si harqat, nanhi si shararatein, Kaash! zindagi wahin thehar jaati.

Khawabo Me Kabhi Aap Bhi Khoye Honge, Khuli Aankhoo Se Kabhi Kabhi Soye Honge, Maana Fitrat Hai Muskurane Ki, Par Haste Haste Kabhi Aap Bhi Roye Honge.

Pyar, Kaho To Alfaz, Mano To Bandagi, Socho To Gehra Sagar, Dubo To Zindagi, Karo To Aasan, Nibhao To Mushkil, Bikhare To Sara Aasman, Simte To Sirf Tum.

Dilse Dilki Duri Nahi Hoti, Kaash Koi Majburi Nahi Hoti, Aapse Milne Ki Tamanna Hain Lekin, Kahte Hain Har Tamanna Puri Nahi Hoti.

Bundo Se Moti Mang Lenge! Chand Se Chandni Mang Lenge! Agar Teri Mohabbat Naseeb Hui, To Teri Mohabbat Ki Khatir Khuda Se Ek Aur Zindagi Mang Lenge!

Nasha Jaruri Hai Jindagi k Liye,Par Sirf Sharab Hi Nahi Hai Bekhudi Ke Liye. Kisi Ki Mast Nighon Me Doob Jao, Bada Hasin Samundar Hai Khudkushi K Liye.

Kuch Bikhare Spano Se Ankh Me Nami Hai, Ek Chota Sa Asma Aur Umido Ki Zami Hai Yu To Bhaut Kuch Hai Jindagi Me, Sirf Jo Dur Hai Unki Kami hai.Jaan Se Bhi Zyada Unhe Pyar Kiya Karte The, Yaad Din Raat Kiya Karte The,

Ab Un Raho Se Guzra Nahi Jata, Jahan Baith Kar Unka Intezaar Kiya Karte The.Baap: Beta is bar tujhe exam me 90% lana hai !Beta: Nahi Dad, mai to is bar 100% launga !!Baap: Kyo Mazak kar rahe ho ?!!Beta: Shuru kisne kiya tha ?

Har Taraf khamoshi Ka Saaya Hai,Jise Chahate Hai hum woh ab paraya hai,Gir Pade hai hum mahobbat ki bhukh se,Aur log kehate hai ki pikar aaya he.

Haqiqat jan lo juda hone se pahle,Meri sunlo apni sunnese pahle,Ye sochlena bhulaneese pahle,Bahut royi hai ye aankhe muskuranese pahle

Bina zakkam khaye ahesas nahi hota,Har koi duniya me khas nahi hota,Magar jiski arzu dil se ho jati hai,Wo hi shaks hamare pas nahi hota

Shikwa nahi koi zindagi se,Magar ek shikayat khuda se zarur hai,Jazbaat kyun diye tune hame,Jab duniya me pyaar karna kasoor hai

Pyase ko ek katra pani kafi hai,ishq mai char pal ki zindagi kafi hai,dubne ko samandar mai jaye kaun,unki palko se tapka voh aasu he kafi hai.

Yea Mera Doosh Nahi…….! !Qalam Ki Nook Per Ab Tak Lahoo Key Qatrey Hain…..Khabar Key Hath Per Likha Huwa Hay Sabar Abhi…….Samay Ki Aankh May Ab Tak Safar Ki Uljhan Hay…….Bikharta Hoon May Kabhi Aur Kabhi Saanwarta Hoon….Na Tootta Hoon Mukammal Na Pura Jourta Hoon…….Main Darmiyain Say Aagay Jo Baar Nahi Paya……..Yea Mera Doosh Nahi Raastoon Ki Saazish Hay…….Kisi Bhi Semt Chaley Ab Huwa Yea Sabit Hay…….Abhi Dukhoon Ko Meri Zindagi Ki Haajat Hay……..

Masoom Chehra Nigaahen FarebiL abon Pe Hasni Aur Dil Mein Daga HaiMile Dost Jisko Yahan Tere JaisaUse Dushmanon Ki Zaroorat Hai Kya HaiMasoom Chehra … Daga HaiDil Tod Diya, Kyon Itna Bata DePhir Baad Mein Bewafa Jo Chaahe Mujhko Saza DeTeri Berukhi Se Pareshaan Hoon MeinNa Aaye Samajh Mein Yeh Kya Maajra HaiMasoom Chehra … Daga HaiKya Usko Kahen Jo Kasmon Ko BhooleApno Se Karke Jafa, Gairon Ki Baahon Mein JhooleNazar Mein Basa Ke Nazar Pher LenaYeh Kaisi Mohabbat Yeh Kaisi Wafa HaiMasoom Chehra … Daga HaiJo Bharta Nahin Woh Zakhm Diya HaiMujhko Nahin Pyar Ko, Badnaam Tune Kiya HaiJise Maine Pooja Maseeha Bana KeNa Tha Yeh Pata Pattharo Ka Bana HaiMasoom … Daga HaiMile Dost Jisko Yahan Tere JaisaUse Dushmanon Ki Zaroorat Hai Kya HaiMasoom Chehra … Daga Hai

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Good Thoughts About Life

The most destructive habit
The greatest joy
The most endangered species
Dedicated leaders
Our greatest natural resource
Our youth
The greatest “shot in the arm”
The greatest problem to overcome
The most effective sleeping pill
Peace of mind
The most crippling disease
The most powerful force in life
The most destructive pariah
The most incredible computer
The human brain
The worst thing to be without
The deadliest weapon
The tongue
The two most powerful words
Can do
The greatest asset
The most worthless emotion
The worst thing you can lose
The most satisfying work
Helping others
The ugliest personality trait
The most beautiful attire
A smile!
The most prized possession
The most contageous spirit
The most powerful communication

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